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Lockdown Randoms Thoughts

I started writing this before lockdown 2, the sequel, landed. Now I think a lot will deem success in a different way. It's just surviving, getting through each day and hoping work will still be there

Restarting with a new normal

The next six months I hope will be the end of all this and things can go back to normal for everyones sake. I have changed my working practice to ensure I work within certain Covid guidelines. Hands are sanitised before starting, I remove all my waste, wipe down where I can and keep social distancing measures in place. Until we are told otherwise I will keep this going for both my own and my customers safety.

Lockdown - Musings and Update

Well its been three months since Lockdown began, three months since I closed up and changed to homeschooling for my two kids. Years ago doing just that, stopping working, would fill me completely with dread but with this I didn't give it a seconds thought.

Covid-19, Our current situation

Due to the school closures and subsequent Government Guidelines, I have no other option to but to suspend trading for the foreseeable future. As most my work is domestic based I do not feel I can guarantee the safety of my customers and my own immediate family by continuing to work through this

2019 Thoughts and Thanks

It's when you sit down over the Christmas period and you finally have a bit of time to reflect on everything that has happened over the last 12 months that you can see how much that has happened. Often you think nothings changed or I've accomplished nothing but when you look at it it can be quite impressive.

Depression Revisited, it does get better trust me

This time of year is hard for a lot of people especially men, the emotional and financial burdens we put ourselves through can be overwhelming for some. Relationship breakdowns, being completely alone, not having their kids Christmas day or even at all over the whole period is truly heartbreaking and mentally tough. Especially when all we see for weeks are those picture perfect Christmas family scenes on tv and people posting on social media what they've got.