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New To Spray

Using new materials or methods of work is always an exciting yet scary time for trades. You spend years working in one way, honing those skills and then something comes along which makes you question what you did before. Sometimes the old ways are still the best way of working but more often than not, the new ways enhance and improve your skillset.

It's Getting Emulsional

If you are reading this as a consumer you've probably got a bit lost with the different types of emulsions, I know plenty just think paint is paint! Right now you can get Vinyl Matt, Durable Matt, Flat Matt, Contract Matt then you move to your Silks, Soft Sheen, Eggshell so the choice is wide.

Water Based Revisited

A while back I wrote a list of water based trim(woodwork) products I'd used and as time has gone on I've used a few more so thought I'd do a short blog on these products

Learn From Mistakes

Sometimes in this trade you make mistakes. It's a fact of life, we are not machines so we cannot constantly churn out perfection each and every day

Opening Up

Opening up to someone now is not a sign of weakness, in fact its more a testament to how strong you really are. The fact that someone can deal with these issues and openly talk to someone else, a stranger maybe, shows that they do possess a inner strength they may not realise they have.

Successful Failure

Ok, so last week I took part in the Dulux Trade London Revolution. Something I had worked towards for months and was ready for, or at least I thought I was. I had put in some miles beforehand and went out on my bike at every opportunity I had even if it was only for a hour. Turned out it wasn't near enough.