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Highly Commended

Highly Commended

I think the main reason for this is that I often see fellow Select members post their work on various social media outlets and the quality is always sky high. It really does showcase the talents that many have and while it does create a sense of  inadequacy it also pushes the inner part of yourself to want to do better, prove yourself so to speak.

It's not all white!

I've had a lot of jobs this year where I've had to paint walls and woodwork that were in a slightly darker colour and going to all white. Now this itself isn't a problem, I mean it's simple isn't it painting everything white. My issue is with certain products not doing their job.Ok so most of these jobs want the walls in a durable matt finish, if it was a colour tint I can virtually guarantee that two coats would be ample. 100% covered. Not in white anymore. These walls are taking three or fo...

Feedback and thoughts

My last blog post was about how much should a decorator cost. I posted this on a few of my social media accounts and got a good bit of feedback. Now I was open about how I hadn't gone too deep into this as it was really for customers to get a basic understanding of what entails cost wise

How much does a decorator charge to paint a room?

What I have come to realise lately is that some do not have an idea of how much hiring a decorator costs, especially when taken in tandem with rising material costs and also if they have never hired one before. So I thought I'd write a quick blog on the costs of hiring a decorator, it's something I've touched on previous blogs but as I've wrote this for ten years a recap never hurt anyone!

Award Winning?

Award Winning?

 I could feel my heart rate increasing with each passing category, sweat beads forming on my forehead, building to the one I was entered in. Applauding the other winners and commended entrants while shaking ever so slightly. The judge stood on the stage, giving a description of the job, was this my job? Have I done it? Sounds like it's mine? And the winner is......

Life of a tradesperson

Speaking to previous customers, they were unaware beforehand how much effort and work go into to providing a quality finish and once they see what I do they understand more and really appreciate it, maybe this is why some people believe prices are too high as after all, it's only a bit of painting.