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Under the Influencers

While I work I like to listen to audiobooks and podcasts, something I've mentioned before, and while listening to one podcast in particular my eyes were opened. They were opened to the rise of so called influencers on social media within the decorating trade

Cost cutting or creating problems

The main takeaway from all this is to just weigh up what you are being offered as a service. Although I am a part of several organisations and do invest in tools and training to better myself, that doesn't mean I'm any better than others. All I can do is show you, as a customer, is what I offer.

Look Outside Your Window

Summer is coming! Well, it will be soon. Right now I'm watching a nice bit of sleet drive down in between sunny spells. Anyway the summer brings in the exterior decorating season, one which causes a lot of pleasure by being able to work in glorious sunshine with fresh air to despair at finding yourself rained off to a unforeseen shower that on your weather app had no chance of happening!

End of the longest year

Well here we are, finally the longest year we have known has come to an end! It's unlikely any of us foresaw what would happen this year 12 months ago and to say it has been a huge landscape change to us all would be a understatement

Lockdown Randoms Thoughts

I started writing this before lockdown 2, the sequel, landed. Now I think a lot will deem success in a different way. It's just surviving, getting through each day and hoping work will still be there

Restarting with a new normal

The next six months I hope will be the end of all this and things can go back to normal for everyones sake. I have changed my working practice to ensure I work within certain Covid guidelines. Hands are sanitised before starting, I remove all my waste, wipe down where I can and keep social distancing measures in place. Until we are told otherwise I will keep this going for both my own and my customers safety.