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End of the longest year

Well here we are, finally the longest year we have known has come to an end! It's unlikely any of us foresaw what would happen this year 12 months ago and to say it has been a huge landscape change to us all would be a understatement. Even now it looks like it's still going to be restricting our lives in one way or the other for a good part of 2021, even with the vaccines approved. But the resilience people have shown this year I know we'll see it through and come out the other side ready to go stronger. Maybe it will be a better world for us all too?

Work wise this year has been rewarding and so so stressful. As I've touched upon before I stopped working for a few months due to the schools closing and while it was hard for me mentally and financially, it has also given me a kind of clarity and impetus to make more of next year and to progress my skill set. I took a couple of courses this year, both online and in person, invested in a spray machine which I haven't used yet (and it annoys me daily! £1000 worth of kit unused) as I want to be 100% to unleash it and I've taken stock of what is important to me. Money is important, of course it is, it's easier to deal with what life throws at you if you can cope with the financial side of it but having that down time to spend with your loved ones is more important. Having all these months with my children have shown me this, so while I intend to hit 2021 with new found determination I am also making more time available to do the things I enjoy and to give my children as much of my time as possible. I've never hidden the fact I work my business around my children and I pick them up from school daily, this also potentially closes the doors on many business opportunities for me (whilst opening that door for others) but thats the price I am happy to pay. 

Massive thanks as always to my customers this year, some jobs have proven more of a challenge than others and I've always been happy to face these head on. Biggest challenge this year has been able to source the paint to do the jobs! But in all seriousness I would not be able to do what I do daily without my customers and I truly thank you all. Five years ago I set on my own and through the ups and downs I don't think I've made a better decision than I did back then. So here's to another five years, a big Happy New Year to everyone and lets make 2021 the year we remember for the good things in life!