Upgrading your equipment and yourself

Branded work clothes and new overalls and trousers too. A smart appearance is, in my eyes, a must. You could be the best at your job but you turn up with overalls and clothes destroyed in paint it's not going to give your customers that much confidence the same won't happen to their furniture!

Water Based Woodwork

Each one said the lack of fumes was amazing. Before I started they expected the house to stink of paint for days but water based eliminated that.

Diamond Start

Recently finished my biggest solo job to date. A job which due to other sources wasn't without it's problems but finally it came good. New build extension with the whole existing house to repainted. After meeting with the client, they wished for Dulux paint to be used so I gave them a couple of options of the products Dulux do. They opted for a Diamond Matt finish on all walls, vinyl matt on ceilings. Woodwork was finished in Sikkens Rubbol satin and doors in Diamond satin varnish. Some of th...

Investing in my future

Last week my flex sander bit the dust, it had had a good outing for £35 so I can't be too annoyed. It did leave me somewhat lacking in the power preparation area so I needed to buy a new one. I looked online at what I could get, I was looking at 125mm size due to the fact I still had about 130 abranet discs left. A couple of Festool sanders looked good and I was very tempted to get one plus many have said how good they are but then I saw Dulux was having a 25% off everything week...

A little review

Lately I've used a few new things at work and thought I'd write a little review of them, give my own opinion. On previous blogs I've passed comment on a couple of these, just added a bit more detail. I'm always looking for new tools and products to improve my business and way of working, I've found twitter and the painting forums, both online and Facebook, are invaluable sources of information.Fox Silver Brushes:Brought some at the paint show, initial impression out of the box was a good br...