Water Based Trim Paints - Review So Far

The range of decent quality water based products is amazing and I firmly believe that I made the right choice in going fully water based. The key is now to find the right systems that work the best for myself and my customers, along with the right brushes and rollers.

Opening New Doors

 I am proud to announce I have recently been approved to join and become a member of The Painting and Decorating Association. I am always looking for ways to set my business apart from others near me, whilst improving myself and my business and this is another step towards that.

As the year ends...

The biggest thanks goes to my customers. From the bottom of my heart I am grateful for the trust you have shown in me to work in your homes and for the feedback and reviews you have given me, along with the continued work

Isomat Paint, any good?

This is a review I recently wrote on Isomat Paint, a new brand to our market over here, on a forum I use.  To be as transparent as I can, I thought I would share this on here in my own blog, so others can see what I wrote. Nothing has been amended and is the complete transcript of what I wrote. Hope you enjoy!

Upgrading your equipment and yourself

Branded work clothes and new overalls and trousers too. A smart appearance is, in my eyes, a must. You could be the best at your job but you turn up with overalls and clothes destroyed in paint it's not going to give your customers that much confidence the same won't happen to their furniture!

Water Based Woodwork

Each one said the lack of fumes was amazing. Before I started they expected the house to stink of paint for days but water based eliminated that.