Learn From Mistakes

Sometimes in this trade you make mistakes. It's a fact of life, we are not machines so we cannot constantly churn out perfection each and every day

Opening Up

Opening up to someone now is not a sign of weakness, in fact its more a testament to how strong you really are. The fact that someone can deal with these issues and openly talk to someone else, a stranger maybe, shows that they do possess a inner strength they may not realise they have.

Successful Failure

Ok, so last week I took part in the Dulux Trade London Revolution. Something I had worked towards for months and was ready for, or at least I thought I was. I had put in some miles beforehand and went out on my bike at every opportunity I had even if it was only for a hour. Turned out it wasn't near enough.

One week left

I am part of various groups in line with the revolution and seeing the effort that so many are putting into this event to raise money for the Outward Bound Trust is truly amazing. Many are out on their bikes in all conditions and any spare time they have, so it will be a wonderful experience to share the roads and ride alongside them

Stalling for Time

So my training for the Revolution has hit snags recently. I managed to do several rides over 10 miles, which I am proud of, but the past two weeks life, weather and work have taken over.

A revolution has begun!!

On my last blog I touched upon that I have joined the Dulux Select team for the London revolution bike ride, I thought in the run up to the event I would give a update on how my training has been going.