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Water based gloss the future?

This week started work on a new site. Painting retirement flats, new build and the spec for the woodwork is water based undercoat and gloss. I've used water based gloss before, on a site like this as it's by the same company just different builders, however the spec and designs are identical. The difference was I was putting colours on front doors not using white like now. I had no problems with the colours coverage and spreading wise. The white today was a different matter. Whilst applying the gloss it seemed like the coverage was none existent, spreading rate was not good and workability of the paint was poor. Despite using synthetic brushes such as purdy monarch elite pro extra I could not stop getting brush marks on the finish. With oil based paints I don't get that problem. Also I found I couldn't retouch any blemish or area that hadn't covered properly without ruining the finish completely.

So with all that in mind I have done some research about the application of water based glosses. The main thing I have found to assist me is to use floetrol paint conditioner. Sadly I haven't got chance to fetch any before I gloss my second flat this weekend so can't comment on it but will do before the next two flats. Could be the product I need to get a good finish. Also reading the tin recommends applying two coats but the spec from the company I'm working for says two undercoat and one gloss so that is out of the window.

At the moment my first impressions of water based gloss, white anyway, is not good. The coverage and spreading compared to oil based is poor. While I know the problems oil based gloss are having regarding yellowing I still prefer it to water based. Maybe by the morning the woodwork will look more solid and have a nicer sheen than it did this afternoon but I'm still old fashioned in my trim finish. Lets see if in a few plots time I've changed my mind about it.