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Stalling for Time

So my training for the Revolution has hit snags recently. I managed to do several rides over 10 miles, which I am proud of, but the past two weeks life, weather and work have taken over. Realising that in 8 weeks I will be on that start line fills me with a massive fear that I won't be ready. I did however manage to get down to Slough last week to meet the other members of my team and go on a training ride. We did 18 miles and I didn't feel it, really enjoyed it and gained a lot of confidence from riding on the roads and with a group.

Now I am writing this after having to abort a morning ride due to the weather*. Managed a mile and half before the wind and snow forced me home. I literally could not stay on the bike straight nor see through it all. This will be the second weekend out of three I haven't been out on my bike because of the weather. Gym time in the morning is becoming hard too because, I'll be honest, I am too tired. Seriously do not have the energy first thing to get there, I am blaming my 4 year old here for starting a habit of climbing in my bed at 2 each morning and interrupting my sleep!!

Anyway I need to find a way of building the miles up, so this afternoon I will be buying a turbo trainer from Halfords. Circumstances mean most evenings I cannot get out to ride but if I can do 45 minutes on a trainer at home the legs will still get the miles in them.

Work wise I've done a couple of things personally which I believe have improved myself and my confidence. First was I attended the Dulux Select Winter Party, something that took me right out of my comfort zone. I met several nice people, witnessed the awards for decorator of the year and it lit a fire inside of me to be able to do work that I believe could win that award. Looking at the winning entries I believe I would have stood a chance of winning so gives me something to aim for next year.

The second thing was I took a Repair Care course to become a Trained Contractor. Always wanted to do the course as I used the products years back and wanted to know what would be the correct way to use them and how to prepare the surface in advance. Looking forward to been able to use these products this year!

*I actually wrote this blog in March and forgot to post it. My bad! Anyway since then I have managed to get out on my bike and done a few decent sized rides, however I am now sitting here in agony as I changed my saddle and my fat backside was too big for it! 5 weeks to go now so haven't the time to wallow in self pity, changed the saddle back to my old one and will plough through