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Learn From Mistakes

Sometimes in this trade you make mistakes. It's a fact of life, we are not machines so we cannot constantly churn out perfection each and every day. Normally mistakes happen when certain aspects in your life collide and without realising it it happens. As I touched upon on my last blog I'm currently going through some personal issues and as much as I have tried it has crept into my working life. Not majorly thankfully but enough for me to make a mistake. I think the key to when you make a mistake is how you rectify it and you deal with your customer. This mistake happened when my mind was rushed and my focus was elsewhere. When it was pointed it out to me I was mortified. First as I had let down my customer and secondly because I allowed it to happen. Immediately I altered my diary to rectify this and to reassure my customer. Thankfully I did this and I am taking steps to ensure it wont happen again.

What I took from this was we are all vulnerable to the pressures of our lives at times. So it got me thinking, what can I do to stop or reduce this happening. I found solace in the counsel of friends, used them as a sounding board. I have looked into courses to give my skills a refresh which I feel will help me greatly and I took personal steps to eradicate the stresses that brought these mistakes. Right now as I write this I have noticed these changes take effect over the last few weeks and can see the positive outcome its having.

Talking of courses, I have several I need to find the time to take. Especially spraying. Last year I brought a Graco Ultra and I am sad to say I have not used it as much as I wish I had done. I found I had some teething issues with it and basically am scared to use it right now! So I want to be able to feel the full benefit of it and a course will help me with that. Same with wallpapering, I always believe you can learn more and not be afraid to take advice on board. I hope to do one or both before Christmas at the Dulux Academy.

A year ago I invested in a Festool RTS400 to go with my Mirka Deros. It's now at the stage where any sanding I have to do by hand I hate it! It's brought my prep and finish levels right up and with the poor standard I am faced with in peoples homes from previous decorators its also a god send. Lately I have had a lot of enquiries for work and some I have visited I see this and so I price accordingly. The problem is many do not see or realise the level of preparation that is involved so may think I'm too expensive. I will be clear, I never charge anyone more than what the job is worth for me to do it. Yes there will be other decorators cheaper yet I am certain they will either not go to the same level of prep as me, cut corners, use inferior materials or are not insured in the first place. Then again they might not realise the true value of their expertise and undercharge theirselves as so many sadly do.