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Dulux Select

In December 2015 I joined Dulux Select. This was a scheme I had always wanted to join upon starting this journey in decorating back in 96, but over the years I had seen various people leave, others bemoaning the scheme and so forth, so it was joining with some trepidation. I'd done my research before applying and decided that, if accepted, it would be beneficial for my business to become a member. As I've mentioned before I was nervous on my assessment but so happy to have been approved to join, this still stands true now.

The reason I am writing this blog now is for a couple of reasons. One because I don't think I have utilised this scheme enough in all aspects in my business, and two, to appreciate and give credit to the massive steps I've watched happen over the past 12 months.

Ok so the first reason. I use a lot of paints, kind of a nerd in the sense I want to try out any new paint that comes out as soon as I can to see if it is better than what I use, cheaper sometimes and more importantly will give my customers the best product for the work I'm doing. Several of my blog posts have mentioned this. A lot of the time though my go to paint is Dulux and I've seen this year alone I have used Dulux products more than any other brand. Not surprising you say as I am in Select, well yes but there's reasons. For a while I had no confidence in using certain Dulux products, they were overpriced and not of the required quality for the brand. I love Benjamin Moore Advance Satin and Gloss paint, don't think any paint comes close to those but they are expensive. Not all jobs will cover the cost of using them so I obviously I need alternatives and that for me now is Dulux Quick Dry and Diamond. Credit where it's due they have improved the Quick Dry undercoat and gloss and I love the Diamond Satinwood. I use Dulux Vinyl Matt, Diamond Matt and the Armstead emulsions more than I do other brands as I find I get the best results using them.
So this moved me to think I should be using the scheme a bit better than I am. I already mention it on all social media and business listings yet I don't think I explain what it offers well enough. As of writing this, I can't advertise it on my van as I don't have one, so thats a big part missing but clothing yes I need to update that now. On my website possibly more links showing the scheme, same on social media but the big selling point I should emphasise is the two year guarantee. Moving onwards on job visits I will be armed with my leaflets and information for customers.

Second reason, the positive change within the scheme. First I completely understand the reasons plenty have left and that others can feel aggrieved in losing benefits that originally they had. Myself I never had these benefits and from speaking to others these benefits were barely ever used so it wasn't cost effective to keep them going. Also there was, for my first couple of years, an undercurrent of unhappy members who just stayed for the sake of it amongst the steady flow of those leaving, so it wasn't filled with positivity. I decided that in 2018 I would get involved more, I attended the winter party, took part in the Dulux Revolution and was a bit more vocal on the forum. It was from doing this I could feel how unhappy some were but also extremely proud of the scheme and how they wanted a change from within. Late last year Vickie stepped up to run the scheme and she started to implement little things, things that made us as members feel like we are a part of a bigger scheme. That we would be noticed to our customers and peers instead of just been there. Panel meetings started up again, our input in the run up to these was considered and listened to, we got informed and detailed information from the meetings, the overall look of the scheme was updated, more members interacted and we even had representation on a tv advert! All this was unheard of 12 months earlier and I can say many other positive steps are still happening. Plus add in the superb Dulux Academy and the courses run there, they just help us as decorators improve which can never be a bad thing.

So I would say to those who left for the reason of no confidence in the scheme, come back and see the change for yourself. It's not just a vehicle for pushing Dulux on people, our input is valued and we are given more support now. For anyone new yes join. This scheme can benefit your business and can help you take things forward with the support of others. I'm proud to be a part of it and if the last 12 months are an example of how it will be going forward there is a lot to look forward to