Tomorrow needs to be today?

It seems that work is picking up a lot, which after the tough last few years we've all suffered can only be a good thing. Myself I have had a lot of phone calls recently from people wanting work doing, sadly most want it doing the next day! I love the fact my phone is ringing, people asking me to do work for them. Being the man I am, I don't like letting anyone down so when I have to refuse because of time constraints, it is hard. However at the same time, it is unreasonable to expect me to be ready to work the next day just because you are ready.

To put it a better way, when you have a room in your house you want plastering, or some plumbing or electrical work doing, you will phone up and book the said trades in advance. When it comes to painters/decorators it seems the consensus of many is that we are sat at home waiting to be called. This is far from true. Ok on the odd occasion when a job has been delayed or cancelled then yes we can fit you in but more likely than not we are booked up weeks in advance. One person called me up a few weeks back, said he's emptied the room ready so could I start the next day. I said no. He said its only a little room, again I said no I am busy for a few weeks plus I would need to price it up first. He said can't you just put someone off, when I said no once more he called me a f*****g waster and put the phone down! I just had to laugh.

Advertising for work is an area which works for some and not for others. Word of mouth is still the greatest generator of work, yet it's getting those clients in the first place to impress so word gets spread which is the hardest part. I think I need to increase my presence online to generate work, which is something I am starting to do now. My main reason for this, as I have said before, is to be my own boss. I really enjoy sub contracting to the person I am now, but like many have said to me you need to cut out the middle man. If the opportunity arises to do so I will, but as always the fear of the unknown with a family to provide for holds you back to a degree.

On my last post I said I was impressed with the Fox range of brushes and have brought some more. Use on solely on skirting in oil based paint and it is superb. Like a lot of painters I'm obsessed with buying new brushes, recent purchases have been some Preform Picassos and Corona Archers. Brilliant brushes. Roller wise still using Wooster Pro doo-z, not found anything to compete. I've also moved on the world of dust free sanding, to a lesser degree than most! Brought a mirka handy sander a couple of weeks back, wow. Combined with abranet strips I am loving sanding! Can't afford a Deros yet or an extractor so making do with a hoover from screw fix and brought a Flex orbital sander, works good and has increased my urge for a Deros!! Something else to lust for :-)