Opening New Doors

Towards the end of the year I was in a low place, with personally and professionally. Certain events all culminated on one day which left me at rock bottom. Fast forward two months and the changes in both is amazing, something I would never have imagined on that day. Working with some wonderful customers and friends so far this year have lifted me immensely and given me a much needed energy and belief in my work, whilst also helping me see the positivity in my personal circumstances. For that I cannot thank these people enough.

Work wise I am getting bookings and enquiries regularly, don't win every job even as much as I would like to but enough to be fairly busy. There are still spaces available between now and May so don't be shy!!  Still seeing some jobs I quote lose out to the cheapest price, that's fair enough. For some the cheapest price is all they care about and there will always be someone willing to work for peanuts, especially while work is quiet for some this time of year. Hopefully the majority of customers appreciate what I provide for the price I charge.

With that in mind i am proud to announce I have recently been approved to join and become a member of The Painting and Decorating Association. I am always looking for ways to set my business apart from others near me, whilst improving myself and my business and this is another step towards that. Hopefully I will be able to take advantage of some the courses they offer over the next 12 months, along with some at the Dulux Academy. I believe if I stand still I will be left behind so if I can open my mind and skill set to some new ideas, that can only benefit myself, my business and more importantly my customers. Joining the PDA will allow myself to do that, whilst working alongside Checkatrade, TrustMark and Dulux Select. All these also give my customers, old, new and potential a peace of mind that my work is assessed and vetted prior to joining.

On certain recent jobs I have trialled using different paints. I'm always looking for the right product which will not let me down, recently that has been for ceilings and a durable paint for walls. These two products do cover both. Dulux Durable Flat Matt and Tikkurila Optiva 5. Brilliant paints. Both flow lovely, cover great and touch up with no flashing. The last point I cannot stress how important that is on ceilings with critical lighting and you get a nail pop or have a miss etc. Also using Tikkurila Otex Primer on some kitchen cupboard doors at home. So far so good and it will be trialled over previously painted oil based gloss woodwork to see if the adhesion is as good. I am hoping to offer kitchen painting as a service soon so will use my own house as a trial run so I can get the system and finish right before rolling it out as a service offered.