One week left

This time next week I will have hopefully completed the Dulux Trade London Revolution, all 185 miles of it. Am I ready? No. Have I trained enough? No I don't think I have really, but I have trained as much as I could have done. Ideally there would be another month to go so I could get some more miles in but it is what it is. I don't think any amount of time would prepare my backside for the inevitable pain its going to be in! My training has, apart from one time, been one of solitude. Due to my own circumstances I have had to train alone, which is extremely hard in terms of motivation. Several times over winter I didn't want to go out and had to drag myself out of the front door, yet this morning the weather was glorious and I loved every minute of my ride (backside pain excepted). Wearing lighter clothes made the whole ride easier too. Learning about the right drinks and taking on nutrition while riding is very important and I found that out the other week when my legs had nothing left in them! Hopefully I will continue riding once the event is over as the benefits fitness wise is amazing, though I will invest in a better bike next time.

I am part of various groups in line with the revolution and seeing the effort that so many are putting into this event to raise money for the Outward Bound Trust is truly amazing. Many are out on their bikes in all conditions and any spare time they have, so it will be a wonderful experience to share the roads and ride alongside them. Maybe also walk alongside a few when the hills take all our energy out of our legs!

Work wise I am very busy right now on a couple of wonderful projects, ones I will share pictures with once completed. One is going to test me and I can't wait to get stuck in and prove myself. Always need to be constantly testing yourself and challenging new things, builds you up and considering where I was three years ago it is testimony to that it works.

I ask anyone who is reading this to kindly donate to our team and the Outward Bound Trust. It is a worthy cause and the effort we are all putting in, it would mean a lot.

Thank you